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Dedication to 100% non-AI content

The inclusion of AI-generated content now common to many site hosting services brings with it a misleading and potentially catastrophic element to site content, particularly when the content pertains to the application of compounds and principles for the express purpose of habitat maintenance.  Please note that all content on this site is generated, and all technical support is provided, by company owner Chris Wood.

From the CSO: Notice of Non-Price Increase

Updated July 1, 2024.  Click here to read.

The last time that your reef inhabitants were in water this perfect, they were in the ocean.

It all starts with the water.  Accuracy + Consistency = Reliability≥99.5% ionic repeatability, regardless of volume prepared.  Pre-testing newly-mixed salt water to check values of critical parameters is unnecessary.  Mixes clear in minutes.  No heat.  No residue.  No errors.  Formulated and blended entirely in the USA by Captiv8 Aquaculture.


The system shown in the video above is one of six maintained at ACI Aquaculture with water prepared with Formul8 Engineered Sea Salt.  On average, these systems collectively house ≥15,000 coral colonies of varying sizes.  Formul8 blends mix gin-clear in less than 5 minutes (moderate mixing rate), generate no heat, do not deposit residue in mixing vessels, and feature consistency of ≥99.5% between containers.  Components are tested to ensure quality and purity for each batch prepared.  Blends are produced entirely in-house, not outsourced.  Each container mixes to the stated salinity for the stated volume of water to be prepared. We take the care of captive marine organisms incredibly seriously, because it's our opinion that many of these organisms will fade from nature due to climate change.  Formul8 blends provide a sound, proven seawater medium for those who share our passion and outlook.  Need a custom salt blend?  No problem.  Contact us.

We stand 100% in support of Ukraine

With deep European family ancestry (including Finn, Czech, British, and German), our hearts and prayers are with the people of Ukraine as they fight for their homes and very existence against the onslaught of Russian barbarism.  It is clear through their actions against Ukraine that Russian leadership has lost whatever sense they once may have had.  Effective immediately, Captiv8 Aquaculture will begin to replace any materials which originate in China utilized in our products; this decision is made as a result of China's obvious indifference in this situation, given their transparent intention to occupy Taiwan in a similar vein.  Additionally, we are banning export of our products to Russia, Belarus, China, and countries whose leadership is in apparent support of Russia's attack on Ukraine.

Is it unreasonable to think...
trout fry

... that a direct connection to a product and service provider will help you achieve more as a grower, researcher, or zoological park than will dealing with intermediate vendors, or that bespoke formulations created expressly to meet the specific requirements posed by systems under your care would offer numerous operational advantages over using one-size-fits-all industry standard products and methods?


Time-lapse feeding response: Integr8 Reef

The videos above show typical feeding responses in corals which have had a suspension of Integr8 Reef introduced upstream of their location (not directly squirted); the response generally occurs within 60 s of the coral detecting the presence of Integr8 Reef, however it's not uncommon for this response to occur within 5 s of introduction. Free of preservatives, pH and color modifiers, Artemis cysts, and terrestrial components, Integr8 Reef utilizes specific major and minor constituents to improve color intensity, robustness, and growth rates of consuming organisms. 

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