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Free-form Amino Acid Blend for Anthozoan Culture

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  • A dry blend of free form amino acids in ratios corresponding to research conducted on cellular amino acid content and perceived requirements across numerous cnidarian genera endemic to tropical and subtropical marine ecosystems.

  • Includes organic carbon sources which collectively increase the metabolic efficiency and feed conversion of corals and their allies to yield greater growth rates, as well as greater rates of microbially-driven nitrogen and phosphorus uptake.

  • May be employed as a food soak for dehydrated and/or freeze-dried feeds intended for marine fishes which are planktivorous and/or browse on algal turf and non-motile invertebrates (e.g. poriferans, cnidarians, ascidians, etc.).

  • Formula follows the Captiv8 Aquaculture policy of excluding fillers, preservatives, and artificial colors.

Basic Application

  • See 'General Application' below for specific comments, however recommended for the first month of use in all systems is to begin with 0.25 g (or one level scoop, included in each package) per 100 gallons net system volume weekly, modifying dosing rate by up to 20% per week as cohort appearance dictates.

Purchasing Options

Reef Blueprint (packaged in sizes suited to systems ≤500 gallons)

Captiv8 Aquaculture (larger systems, commercial, academic, research, zoological)


Keep out of reach of children and unauthorized persons. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and mucous membranes. Store in a cool, dry location away from sunlight.

Propag8 is a dry, free-flowing formula consisting of seventeen free-form amino acids, specific immunostimulants, and organic carbon sources specifically selected for enhancing metabolic rates of microorganisms and improving feed conversion of cohort members. Consistent application results in improved color intensity.  Improved feed conversion is associated with improved cohort robustness and decreased costs of operation.

Maximum effectiveness is achieved within 60 months of manufacture date.  This formulation does not incorporate preservatives, however refrigeration is not required.  Unused contents of container should be protected from exposure to atmospheric moisture and other contaminants.

Preparation: Propag8 must be dissolved in water prior to application.  The exact ratio of water to Propag8 in the solution is not important.  Discard desiccant packet enclosed in container when entire contents are used.

In a clean vessel, mix desired mass of Propag8 with system water until all solute is completely dissolved; use resulting solution within 2 hours of mixing, or prepare Propag8 with purified water and store at T = 35 - 40°F for up to 5 days, applying to system as desired.  Do not permit solution to become contaminated.  


Dispense solution into an out-current water flow (such as near a pump exhaust) within the main body of the recirculating system.  Avoid dispensing the solution within close proximity to skimmer intake ports.  Do not dispense directly onto, or upstream from, cnidarian cohort members (Propag8 is not a food).

As noted above, dosing rate should be in proportion to stocking density.  Follow recommendation of using not more than 0.25 g (one level scoop of the included scoop) per 100 gallons of net system volume weekly, observing appearance of cohort members during this period.  Thereafter, modify the amount used per unit system volume as requirements appear to dictate, limiting any increase in dosage to 20% weekly.  Regular application of Propag8 will result in increased nutrient uptake; monitor DIN levels and do not permit nitrate to fall below 5 ppm.

Frequent (i.e. daily) application of very small volumes of the solution yields superior results to lower-frequency, higher volume application.  Monitor and adjust nutrient concentrations to achieve desired cohort appearance and growth rate.  Recommended is to apply the solution using an automated dosing system, with dosing occurring during the period in which the light intensity is ≥60% maximum intensity.


Notice: It is not possible to eliminate all risks associated with the use, handling, or storage of this product. Ineffectiveness, injury to crops and/or livestock, or other unintended consequences may result due to factors outside the control of Captiv8 Aquaculture or the seller. Buyer or user shall assume all such risks. For details, go to Terms and Conditions. Consult SDS before use.


Disclaimer: Captiv8 Aquaculture warrants that this product conforms to the description, and is reasonably fit for the purposes described, on its label. In no event shall Captiv8 Aquaculture or the seller be held liable for any incidental, consequential, or special damages, loss, or injury, including, without limiting, lost profits, resulting from the use or handling of this product. The exclusive remedy of the buyer or user for all claims shall be the return of the purchase price of this product. Express and implied warranties are disclaimed. Captiv8 Aquaculture does not authorize any agent or representative to make any other warranty, guarantee, or representation concerning this product.

For sale by Captiv8 Aquaculture and its authorized dealers, only.

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